Customs declaration

We keep the overview for you over all questions of customs clearing and the exicsting import / export regulations:

  • Import tax clearing, tariff, consultation about declaration

  • Nationwide (Germany) data connection to nachhaltig-bio-logistik

  • customs department using ATLAS

  • Intrastat submission, export declarations using AES

  • Summary of incoming / outgoing declarations (ICS / ECS)

  • Customs dispatch procedure, carnet TIR / ATA

  • Customs dispatch document creation T1 using NCTS

  • Procurement of import permits, export licenses, Chamber of commerce

  • Fiscal representation, handling of fiscal duties within the EU, e.g. BE/NE/LUX

  • Creation of movement certificates EUR 1, ATR1,

  • Certificates of origin

  • Application for embassy documents

  • Storage of dutiable goods, OZL handling using ATLAS (own customs warehouse type D)

  • Handling of fiscal duties, handling of withholding of import turnover tax within the EEC.

  • Carnet ATA settlement for trade fair goods, goods presentation


  • Customs tariff, determination of goods groups, statement of duty rates

  • Duty reimbursement, consultation for customs objection procedures

  • Approved receiver and sender for dutiable goods

We can advise you regarding all questions about duty, e.g. sorting of your product groups, determination of category etc.

Your direct contact:  Mr. Thorsten Eckel (E-Mail:


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