Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management (SCM) – Coordinate manufacturing processes and delivery streams for your company.

You are active on international markets and dissatisfied with the SCM, your performance, the development of the turnover and market shares? Together we will create the necessary basis for working out or expanding on the competitive advantages.

In cooperation with you, we will analyse the current state of your production processes, delivery processes, and goods flow. We will establish the specific solution for your company and design the computer-aided creation of the sourcing logistics / dispatching logistics and recommend data processing networking ways with your suppliers. We will establish the project solutions for sea / air / lorry / parcel freight ways for your factories and supplier, and will integrate the computer and scanner-controlled cargo handling process. The integration of the company IT will ensure faultless and fast data flow from information and delivery documents, goods in and out, picking of goods or goods handling of individual orders with their fast throughput times. This generates decisive competitive advantages in the ability to deliver and shortens the product and material paths, and thus creates a perfectly constructed supply chain solution by building up a worldwide, functioning network spanning from production to the POS of your end customer.

  • Implementation


  • Supply chain management solution

  • Analysis of the supply chain

  • Logistics strategy / process planning

  • Consultation service

  • Consolidation / implementation of the strategy

  • IT data connection / information systems

  • Order documentation

  • IT monitored supply chain / goods stocks / delivery times

  • Contract logistics / full service logistics

  • SMC process revisions

  • Cost reduction / efficiency increase



Supply Chain Management

Most customers never will see the economic resources behind the treatments, vaccines and nutritional products. Every day, however, customers see the performance of the global value chain.

The global supply net is complex. Supply chain management is necessary to guarantee the flow, to ensure that all materials arrive at the right place at the right time, and that they can be processed, marketed and delivered on time.

A professional logistics partner ensures the processes and technologies adhere to the systems and quality assurance standards, so that the people receive exactly the products they expect.

For us, quality and reliability is a 24/7 job as a organic logistics partner!

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