Processes and quality management

Warehouse logistics with a customer-specific system solution for efficient work processes

Quality management | Biologisticspartner relies on the warehouse management system, Inconso WMS S, within the Hanse-Service Group

The warehouse management software, Inconso WMS S, is a proven IT system solution, which allows the mapping of all normal warehouse processes. The WMS system is modular and therefore allows fast and flexible configuration of the most diverse customer requirements and easy adaptation to existing logistics processes.

Using the most modern IT tools, a multitude of function modules are combined for a customer-specific system solution. In this way, it is possible to make individual adaptations and extensions to the functional extent and the data structures it is based on.Qualitätsmanagement und Prozesse in der Pharmalogistik


  • Standardised interface for integration into existing system architectures.

  • Integrated form generator enables the creation of forms, documents, analyses and labels

  • Most modern forklifts and order pickers with electric motors for storage in a goods protecting way.

  • Bar code scanner technology by Motorola for order picking without paper

  • Conveyor technology for fast goods movement

  • Controlled temperature of storage rooms according to goods requirement

  • Monitoring of the temperature-controlled storage

  • Best before date / batch management and tracing

  • High rise rack storage with automated issue of storage place identity

  • Data server with backup system and data mirroring onto auxiliary server

  • Security technology alarm systems and video surveillance

Process procedure for outgoing goods taking into account highest quality demands, delivery speed and check of delivery quantity.

Warehouse Management Software - Bar code scanner technology

Your competitive edge:
BioLogisticsPartner – Higher performance due to flexible, efficient work processes and continuously optimised processes.

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